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Supporting Family Caregivers

long-distance caregivers need support

A study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health calls family and unpaid caregivers the “invisible workforce” of the health care system. Published in the JAMA Internal Medicine,  the study examined how caregivers’ involvement in older adults’ health care activities relates to caregiving responsibilities, supportive services use, and caregiving-related effects. Aging Life Care Professionals™ Help You … Continue reading Supporting Family Caregivers

The Sandwich Generation: Stuck in the Middle

caring for mom, dad, kids, and myself

America’s Sandwich Generation, men and women in their forties to sixties with both aging parents and children to care for, is one of the fastest growing populations. This group of people often find themselves stuck in the middle of trying to juggle a hectic schedule that includes caring for parents experiencing a decline in health, … Continue reading The Sandwich Generation: Stuck in the Middle

Take a Vacation From Being a Caregiver

caregivers in need of a vacation

When you are responsible for the care of an aging loved one, a summer vacation or weekend getaway may seem impossible or out-of-reach. Questions race through your mind: What happens if mom falls? Who will remind Dad to take his medications? What if there is a storm? You feel overwhelmed and cancel your plans.   … Continue reading Take a Vacation From Being a Caregiver

Are You at Risk for Caregiver Burnout?

I am an only child caring for aging parents

Caregiving can take a toll mentally, emotionally, and physically whether you’re providing hands-on care, managing a paid caregiver, or anything in between. With the pressure of determining a loved one’s care needs and how best to care for them, it’s easy to forget that caregivers need care too. As we honor caregivers during National Family … Continue reading Are You at Risk for Caregiver Burnout?

Options for Overwhelmed Caregivers

ways to avoid caregiver burnout

Caregiving can be physically and emotionally draining, so as a caregiver it is crucial that you care for yourself first in order to prevent burnout. Read on to learn ways to access help so that you can avoid feeling overwhelmed or burned-out.  Help! I’m An Overwhelmed Caregiver. What Are My Options? By Claudia Fine, LCSW, MPH, … Continue reading Options for Overwhelmed Caregivers