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Is it OK to Lie to My Aging Parents?

is it okay to lie to my parents with Alzheimer's

From our earliest days we are taught never to lie, especially never to our mother or father. However, a survey of Aging Life Care™ experts reveals that telling a “fiblet” can actually be therapeutic when adult children are faced with telling painful truths to aging parents with a cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease.   … Continue reading Is it OK to Lie to My Aging Parents?

What is Aging Life Care?

Aging Life Care

Overwhelmed by the choices and decisions involved with caring for an aging loved one? Hit with an emergency and don’t know where to start? Or do you want to  plan for your own senior years and make your own decisions? No matter your individual situation or preferences, Aging Life Care Professionals™ offer a client-centered approach to … Continue reading What is Aging Life Care?

Hiring In-Home Caregivers

Hiring in-home care providers — on your own or through an agency — is not a decision to be taken lightly. Understanding the financial and legal responsibilities of hiring a household employee is critical. Take a look at these important considerations and  case studies before making any hiring decisions.   What You Need to Know Before Hiring … Continue reading Hiring In-Home Caregivers

Service to Clients Goes Beyond Care Management

Trust. Honor. Respect. These are words you hear over and over when listening to Aging Life Care Professionals™ talk about their clients.  Many, if not all, will tell you that what keeps a care manager going is the relationships with their clients and their client’s trust in them. In this story, Karen Wasserman, MSW, LICSW, … Continue reading Service to Clients Goes Beyond Care Management