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Pets and Aging Adults

Pets give aging adults support

Aging Life Care Specialists look beyond the typical definitions of family support system, recognizing that pets often bring their client needed love and companionship. For many aging adults, pets reduce stress, lessen loneliness, and often give one a sense of purpose. As one Aging Life Care Specialist shares, pets need to be considered in the overall … Continue reading Pets and Aging Adults

Dementia and Sexuality

Sex and aging adults, intimacy

Sex and aging adults. It’s the butt of all too many jokes — dirty old men…rigid or sex-starved women…wrinkled bodies…impotence. But as we live longer and social mores evolve, aging adults are becoming more vocal about sexual needs and intimate relationships well past the age of 60. Indeed, sexuality is a core human quality, essential to … Continue reading Dementia and Sexuality

Coping With Grief and Loss

My parent is dying

Though we all know death and the loss of loved ones is a reality of getting older, it doesn’t mean that it gets any easier for those grieving a loss. Individuals will cope with grief and loss in different ways and in different timeframes. Offering support during these difficult life changes can help your loved … Continue reading Coping With Grief and Loss

4 Steps to Getting Rid of Junk Mail

help aging adults get rid of junk mail

A great way to help an aging loved one get rid of clutter is to help them control the amount of junk mail that floods their mailbox. Especially after the holidays and end-of-year solicitations, the pile could be hiding important bills or notices. Assisting with the mail also gives you an opportunity to look for … Continue reading 4 Steps to Getting Rid of Junk Mail

Holding On to Holiday Traditions

holidays with the elderly

The holidays are a cherished time to gather with family and friends, but they can also be a source of stress as schedules are disrupted for social gatherings and decadent meals make it difficult to stick to healthy diets. While you may anticipate that your aging loved ones will need help managing all the hustle … Continue reading Holding On to Holiday Traditions

How to Recognize Suicide Risk in Older Adults

Mental Illness Awareness Week

During the first full week of October, the National Alliance on Mental Illness and participants across the country are bringing awareness to mental illness.  Mental Illness Awareness Week: October 4 – 10, 2015 By Deborah Liss Fins, MSSW, LICSW, CMC, Aging Life Care Association™ Member and Fellow of the Leadership Academy It’s a sobering fact: … Continue reading How to Recognize Suicide Risk in Older Adults

7 Warning Signs That Aging Loved Ones Need Help

Loneliness linked to declining health in aging adults

As a Record Number of Seniors Are Living Alone, Aging Experts Offer 7 Warning Signs to Look for During Summer Visits to Older Family Members and Friends As millions of Americans travel during the summer, many adult children will spend time with their aging parents and loved ones. A record number of these older Americans … Continue reading 7 Warning Signs That Aging Loved Ones Need Help

What Every Geriatrician Needs to Know


By Suzanne Modigliani, LICSW, CMC – Aging Life Care Association™ Member and Fellow of the Leadership Academy   Geriatricians have a special understanding of the aging process and chronic illness. Aging adults in the care of a geriatrician are fortunate to have that focused knowledge and skill set working for them. But once a patient … Continue reading What Every Geriatrician Needs to Know

Solutions for Aging Adults

Aging Life Care Professionals™ on Finding the How By taking a holistic, client-centered approach, Aging Life Care Professionals have the distinct advantage of finding solutions for aging adults that ensure both quality of care and optimal life for their clients. Here, Aging Life Care Association™ member Kate Granigan, MSW, LICSW, CASWCM shares that not saying “no” … Continue reading Solutions for Aging Adults