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7 Warning Signs That Aging Loved Ones Need Help

Learn how Aging Life Care Managers are combatting loneliness and social isolation

As a Record Number of Seniors Are Living Alone, Aging Experts Offer 7 Warning Signs to Look for During Summer Visits to Older Family Members and Friends As millions of Americans travel during the summer, many adult children will spend time with their aging parents and loved ones. A record number of these older Americans … Continue reading 7 Warning Signs That Aging Loved Ones Need Help

Is Dementia Hurting Your Relationships?

Aging Life Care Professionals can help save your reltionships

Caring for someone with a dementia can test even the strongest of relationships. The anxiety, agitation and erratic behavior often associated with dementia may be hard for a spouse or adult child to understand or manage. Aging Life Care Professionals™ work with families to find solutions to these challenges and to help them understand their … Continue reading Is Dementia Hurting Your Relationships?

Solutions for Aging Adults

Aging Life Care Professionals™ on Finding the How By taking a holistic, client-centered approach, Aging Life Care Professionals have the distinct advantage of finding solutions for aging adults that ensure both quality of care and optimal life for their clients. Here, Aging Life Care Association™ member Kate Granigan, MSW, LICSW, CASWCM shares that not saying “no” … Continue reading Solutions for Aging Adults