Financially Helping Clients Fund Their Care Needs: Real Life Examples

financially helping clientsAging Life Care Professionals(r) are called upon to assist clients with resources to handle their particular situations, including evaluating the financial resources necessary to help clients ensure quality care and an optimal life.  Did you know that 500,000 seniors a year will walk away from their life insurance policies?  This happens because they no longer want the policy, need the policy or can afford the policy any longer.  The reason a policy was purchased 10, 20 or even 30 years ago is no longer a concern.  The house is paid off, perhaps a spouse has passed away, the kids are grown and have their own lives, etc.  They do not know there is another option that can have dramatic impact on the ability of people to pay for their care needs.

A life insurance settlement is that option, and is the ability for a client to sell their unwanted/unneeded life insurance policy for cash.  The investor groups who purchase these policies become the new owner, pay the premiums, and become the beneficiary.  The client receives cash today, and the buyer receives an investment with a future return.  The amount a policy could we worth is very specific to each client, but policies can be worth tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars…all from an asset a client was going to walk away from.  All different types of policies can be sold, including term policies.

Here are some real-life stories of some of our clients whose lives were changed through a life insurance settlement:

*A healthy 88-year-old gentleman needed to find money to continue to pay for his wife’s home care needs.  He had several life insurance policies.  He sold his $114,000 policy for $26,000, giving him the resources he needed to continue the care for his wife.

*A 66-year-old gentleman with liver issues had a term life insurance policy that was reaching the end of its term.  He purchased it for his wife to pay off the house if something happened to him.  The house is paid off, and he was not going to continue the policy.  He sold the policy for $75,000.  This was “found money” for him, as he was going to walk away from the policy with nothing, and was a game-changer, to help make his life more comfortable.

These are just some examples of clients who were able to repurpose an asset they didn’t know they had, into cash to use to take care of themselves and their families.   We are life insurance settlement brokers and are here to support Aging Life Care managers, and their clients.  Having access to many investor groups, as brokers, our role and passion is to represent our clients to obtain the highest amount for their policy possible.

If you know anyone who is thinking of lapsing, surrendering, or walking away from their policy, please contact us first so they can find out if a life insurance settlement may work for them.  There is no up-front cost to find out how much a buyer may be willing to pay.  Contact us – we’re here to help.

About the Author: Lisa Rehburg is President of Rehburg Life Insurance Settlements, a life insurance settlements broker, and a Bronze-level Corporate Partner for ALCA. Lisa has been in the health and life insurance industries for over 30 years. She has held executive roles at carriers, general agencies and TPAs. Ms. Rehburg is energized by helping care professionals and their clients benefit from unwanted or unneeded life insurance policies. By having access to many investor groups, Rehburg Life Insurance Settlements can place more policies and realize a better return for clients. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance and a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Development. She can be reached at (714) 349-7981, or

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