A Corporate Partner Shares The Value of Working With ALCA Members

ALCA’s Corporate Partners are a vital part of the equation that makes the Aging Life Care Association as strong as it is. They offer advice and insights to members via our listserv to help members find solutions for their clients. And members feel confident choosing one for their clients’ needs because ALCA’s Corporate Partners also adhere to a Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. One such partner is Grandma Joan’s Live-in Care Staffing. Grandma Joan started out as a state-licensed home care agency in 2010. The home-care model was born from an exit survey with one of their original home care agency clients. The client was distressed about the need to continue their professional live-in services for his mom. She was living alone and had Alzheimer’s; however, he was no longer able to afford their agency rates. It was from this client’s need that the concept of live-in care staffing service was born. They helped him find, screen, and contract with a qualified independent live-in, all for a one-time set-up fee. He paid the independent provider directly and, on the books, cutting out the agency overhead. Grandma Joan’s service model was an overnight success, and within a year of its launch, they went nationwide.

Founder David Petroski shares his experience of ALCA membership and working with Aging Life Care Members.

quotes “When I joined ALCA as a Corporate Partner a few years ago, I was already working with a dozen or so care managers scattered around the county, and at that point, 9% of my new clients were referrals from ALCA members. While I don’t remember which one of them suggested that I join ALCA,  I am so glad that they did. I joined in 2018.
Over the last 3 ½ years I have:

  • Networked, networked, and networked.
  • Exhibited at two ALCA National Conferences
  • Utilized advertising options made to corporate partners, like their members-only newsletter
  • Wrote a piece for the ALCA blog
  • And attended lots of ZOOM one-on-ones with curious care managers

And as a result, my business has grown by double-digits for three years in a row.

In 2020, a whopping 55% of my new clients were referrals from ALCA members. I cannot be more thankful and cannot speak highly enough about how much joining this organization has helped me get the message out to families in need–that there is another option out there for them to consider if they don’t want to relocate to an assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility.

When the opportunity arises, I happily recommend ALCA to peers, and always recommend my clients to utilize a certified care manager from ALCA. In the over 10 years I’ve been in the senior care industry, I honestly feel there is no better referral network for a reputable senior care service than ALCA, especially for a company with a national footprint. I have heard local companies do equally well with membership at the regional Chapter level.”

Thank you to all the Aging Life Care Professionals, for all that you do for your clients –  David.

Grandma Joan

About the Author: David Petroski is the Founder of Grandma Joan’s Live-in Care Staffing. He is a Human Resource Specialist that has helped staff over $15 million in household payroll. He has helped hundreds of families across the country safely navigate the challenges of the consumer-directed live-in care market. David’s work has helped Grandma Joan earn five national awards of recognition in the senior-care industry. He has been working in senior care since 2010, when he started a home-care agency in Montclair NJ. David has been an expert panelist for CPE-accredited webinars educating hundreds of senior-care industry professionals about private-hire live-in care. He is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®, and has been interviewed on radio and is quoted in the 2018 book Aging with Care. David lives in New Jersey with his wife Cathy, who is also in HR, and their three children, Danny, Sofi, and Blake.

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