What is an Aging Life Care Professional?

A Closer Look at the Aging Life Care Professional™

Today is Member Appreciation Day and the Aging Life Care Association™ is extremely grateful to the professionals that make up this association. In today’s blog post, we share with you the value each member brings to ALCA’s vision of a world where adults and their families live well as they face the challenges of aging.

When individuals, families, or other professionals (Elder Law Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Hospital Discharge Planners, Physicians) work with a member of ALCA, they can be assured that the practitioner has met stringent education, experience, and certification requirements of the organization, and all members are required to adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards of practice.Aging Life Care Association™

Members of ALCA are Aging Life Care Professionals™ – also known as geriatric care managers – are educated and experienced in a variety of fields related to Aging Life Care™ / care management, including, but not limited to gerontology, nursing, social work, psychology, or occupational therapy. Aging Life Care Professionals become the “coach” and families or clients the “team captain.”  Take a closer look at Aging Life Care Professionals and see how they differ from patient advocates, senior advisors, navigators, or elder advocates.

What is an Aging Life Care Professional?

Aging Life Care Professionals are specialized health & human service professionals advocating and directing the care of older adults and others facing ongoing health challenges. Working with families, their expertise provides the answers at a time of uncertainty. Their guidance leads families to the actions and decisions that ensure quality care and an optimal life for those they love, thus reducing worry, stress, and time off of work for family caregivers.

What is an Aging Life Care Professional?
  • Experienced professionals with a strong background and education in social work, nursing, counseling, and/or geriatrics.
  • Navigators for Families: Aging Life Care Professionals use advocacy, knowledge, and expertise to assess the individual’s needs and abilities, and to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system and services designed specifically for older adults.
  • Aging Life Care Professionals provide access and direction to families or older adults to entitlements or community resources specific to their needs.
  • Supporters for Quality of Life: Aging Life Care leads to optimal actions for ongoing care and quality of life for clients and their families.
  • Aging Life Care Professionals work with families to find the best solutions for complex problems. They work with families to prioritize actions items and reduce the feelings of being “overwhelmed”.
  • Aging Life Care Professionals are creative and build a plan of care around resources in the community and can build solutions where there are few current resources.
  • Aging Life Care clients are older adults, special needs adults, or those with health conditions which do not resolve such as MS, Cerebral Palsy, or Asperger’s.
  • Aging Life Care Professionals assist the courts and other professionals with comprehensive objective assessments and budgets for care: some specialize in mediating family conflicts.
How do I Find an Aging Life Care Professional?

Whether planning for your future care or caring for an aging loved one, contacting an Aging Life Care Professional can save you time, money, and stress.  ALCA offers a user-friendly search engine, allowing you to locate an Aging Life Care Expert in your area.

For more examples of how Aging Life Care Professionals are helping people age well, visit the ALCA Newsroom for current articles and features.


This blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute, nor is it intended to be a substitute for, professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Information on this blog does not necessarily reflect official positions of the Aging Life Care Association™ and is provided “as is” without warranty. Always consult with a qualified professional with any particular questions you may have regarding your or a family member’s needs.

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