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When Elder Law Attorneys Need Aging Life Care Professionals™

by Phyllis Mensh Brostoff, CISW, CMC, Aging Life Care Association™ Member and
Fellow of the Leadership Academy


When planning for retirement and beyond, many aging adults turn to Elder Law attorneys for assistance to meet their goals and objectives. However, there are times when a client needs a broader scope of service than an Elder Law attorney alone can provide. That is why Elder Law attorneys often turn to Aging Life Care Professionals™ to help protect clients once they leave their office door.

When should an Elder Law attorney call an Aging Life Care Professional?

1. When a client calls the office frequently but forgets the answer to the question he/she had just asked.

2. When a client arrives for an appointment in dirty clothes or has a noticeable odor or just does not look groomed in the same way he/she has always been groomed.

3. When one of your clients sets up an appointment, doesn’t come, and then doesn’t remember that you had an appointment when called to find out why the appointment was missed.

4. When a client doesn’t return a document that was sent with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to make it easy to return; and then doesn’t remember he/she received the document when called to inquire.

5. When a client comes into the office with someone unrecognized by the attorney and wants to sit in on the meeting with the client, saying “I know what he/she wants to discuss with you.”

6. When a client calls, or comes into the office, wanting to significantly change his/her will or power of attorney documents from naming family members to naming a friend or companion.

7. When a client’s family calls to discuss concerns about someone they don’t know moving in with the client, as well as a concern that the person is not letting the family speak to the client.

Any of the above are signs of possible mental or health decline,  elder care exploitation, or financial abuse. An Aging Life Care Professional can assess the situation closely and help develop the best action plan to protect your client. Find an Aging Life Care Expert and begin working together today.

About the author: Phyllis Mensh Brostoff, CISW, CMC, is a social worker and co-founded Stowell Associates 31 years ago in Milwaukee, Wisconsin providing Aging Life Care management and home care services. She has written numerous articles and presented seminars across the country. Follow her on Twitter at @CareManagerMilw, Facebook at Stowell Associates Inc, or email her at phyllisb@caremanagedhomecare.com.

This blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute, nor is it intended to be a substitute for, professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Information on this blog does not necessarily reflect official positions of the Aging Life Care Association™ and is provided “as is” without warranty. Always consult with a qualified professional with any particular questions you may have regarding your or a family member’s needs.

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