Overcoming the fear and anxiety of getting old with the help of an Aging Life Care Professional

How to Overcome the Fear and Anxiety of Getting Old

Fear? Anxiety? These words identify the feelings a lot of people have when they think about getting old. Oddly enough, “getting old” is not an easily defined status. As each year goes by, you actually don’t think of yourself as “old.” Take it from me, I turned 70 just a few months ago!

By Phyllis Mensh Brostoff, CISW, CMC – Aging Life Care Association™ Member and Fellow of the Leadership Academy

What is it that actually causes this fear and anxiety of getting old? Is it…
  • Not having enough money
  • Not having a life partner still alive
  • Not having good health
  • Not living in your own home
  • Not having family close by and able to help if needed
  • Not being able to do the things you have always done
  • Not being able to drive, shop, and cook
  • Not being able to see or hear well enough to easily read and converse

What can be done about these “nots”? Actually, a good Aging Life Care Professional™ can and does have solutions that will help alleviate fear and anxiety of getting old. Here are just a few ways an Aging Life Care Professionals can help you prepare for aging with peace of mind:

  • Money can be spent, prudently, finding the most cost-effective way to provide the care needed
  • The loss of intimate relations may be hard to replace, but alternative social opportunities can be arranged
  • Better health can be achieved by getting a complete diagnosis of any illness, good management of medication, good nutrition, and exercise
  • Home can be any place with some effort and imagination
  • Family can be coached to do all they can, taking into consideration their own needs
  • Finding meaningful activities can make life more fulfilling
  • Driving, shopping, and cooking can all be managed with the help of others
  • Listening to audio books and finding a way to improve hearing can make a significant difference

Don’t waste any more time worrying about “getting old”. Connect with an Aging Life Care Professional in your community and build a plan that gives you the highest quality of life and the best Aging Life Care™ possible.

About the author:  Phyllis Mensh Brostoff, CISW, CMC, is a social worker and co-founder of Stowell Associates – a care management and home care company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin She has written numerous articles and presented seminars across the country.  More information is available at www.caremanagedhomecare.com.  Follow Phyllis on TwitterFacebook, or email her at phyllisb@caremanagedhomecare.com.  

This blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute, nor is it intended to be a substitute for, professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Information on this blog does not necessarily reflect official positions of the Aging Life Care Association™ and is provided “as is” without warranty. Always consult with a qualified professional with any particular questions you may have regarding your or a family member’s needs.

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