Planning for End-of-Life

Dying Well is Part of Aging Well

Aging Life Care Professionals™ on End-of-Life Planning

Aging Life Care Professionals not only work to ensure quality of care and an optimal life for their clients, but they also help clients plan for the end of life.

During the 2015 Aging Life Care Association™ (ALCA) Annual Conference, Member Lisa Laney, MSW, CMC of Asheville, NC shared how she worked closely with and advocated for her client’s specific death wishes. Laney helped her client navigate a complex legal, ethical, and emotional journey so that he could realize his desire to have a dignified death.

Dying well and planning for end-of-life care is an important piece of aging well. As Laney describes in her story, helping a client realize their wishes and desires from health to death is a beautiful experience.

To find an Aging Life Care Professional to help you or a loved one with the sometimes difficult discussions of end-of-life care, visit and search for an expert in your area.

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