My elderly neighbor needs help

What to Do When Your Elderly Neighbor Needs Help

Have you seen your elderly neighbor speeding by the park? Or perhaps driving slower than a snail, in the wrong lane? Maybe you’ve found him wandering the streets confused? Or noticed that she hasn’t come outside when, normally, she waters her garden every other day?

Not everyone has family nearby to routinely check-in or monitor their well-being. So if you think your elderly neighbor needs help, it is important to call on professionals for help before the situation becomes dangerous.

Here is one story from an Aging Life Care Professional™ about how concerned neighbors needed expert help to reach one fiercely independent neighbor.  Persistent and creative in her approach, Aging Life Care Professional Amy Natt, MS, CSA, CMC describes how over time she was able to calm her client’s anger, fear, and mistrust and build a relationship of trust, comfort, and compassion.

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